Frosty’s Fosters

Frosty’s Fosters Animal Rescue was in an odd postion of having moved a WordPress site to Wix.  This would have been fine, except that no one in the organization had any familiarity with Wix and they were struggling to make changes and keep it updated.  

The Wix site had small navigation and a small amount of information on the main page.  It wasn’t laid out very well and did not do much in the way of call to action.

The new WordPress site had clear call to actions and navigation.  The design is minimalistic and includes information about available animals and upcoming events immediately for the user.

Users of the site find it much easier to navigate and find available animals by connecting the site to their Petfinder.  

Since the update the owner has found it much easier to keep the site up to date and users have found it much easier to use. Animal rescue is incredibly important and being able to donate time and skills was a wonderful experience.