There were many reasons that the template needed to be updated.  The most important of those was that the template it was on, was no longer going to be supported by its host BigCommerce.  The additional needs were ease of user access and a more modern look.  The template chosen allowed for a large and prominent search bar on the top of the screen, simpler navigation, and larger product images.

This was the template chosen to migrate the Recstuff site to and this is what it looked like before the changes were made to customize it to the Recstuff brand.

This is what the front page looked like after branding and customizations were made.

This template allowed for large product images and plenty of space for an organized snapshot of product specifications.

With this design a large selection of filters was created to help with user experience as well.  Allowing the customer to filter helped with less customer service calls and less questions as to whether a certain style and size was available.