Week 10


Week 10

May 3, 2020 Uncategorized 2

With the semester coming to an end I’m beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed.  My client was dragging their feet through most of the project.  I don’t feel it was purposeful, but it still caused issues for my overall timeline.  I wasn’t able to finish 2 of the pages, because they were unable to gather the content and didn’t know when they would be able to.  I also haven’t been able to make the mailchimp template for them and set up a sign up because they haven’t set up an account.  These items are minimal, but it still bothered me that I couldn’t complete everything that I had on my project scope.  I’m hopeful that because I did this for free I can continue to volunteer for the rescue and finish these items for them. Now I’m a little worried about getting the evaluations from them. 

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  1. JESSE OTTO says:

    It has been a little hard with getting in communication with clients I feel like. I am a little bit in the same spot with lack of information from my clients. Just keep Pushing through!

  2. Jeff Meisenburg says:

    I have been in the same boat. I had trouble with MailChimp as well. I am waiting on hold with Network Solutions because the Krisr=tmas Kringle site is not coming up. It has been 22 hours since I moved the site but the old one kept coming up. Now I have an Opps cannot find the landing page. I do not know if this is normal so on the phone again. A lot to finish.

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