Week 8


Week 8

April 18, 2020 Uncategorized 1

I have been struggling to get content from my client, but I’m just continuing on and taking the bits they give me and creating things for the site.  I’ve also been adding plugins to optimize the site and add ease of SEO for the client as well.  Overall I’m feeling pretty good, but I have been struggling with balancing everything.  Being home all the time actually seems to have made things more difficult.  Working from home is nice, but it completely throws off my routine and it’s hard to get everything done when everyone is home as well.

Here is what I’ve created though: www.maas-k.com/frostysfosters


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  1. I too have been having an issue with the client getting me the content. But things are looking up as I been reminding them time is ticking.

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